National cuisine of Turkey 3


Acquaintance of the country should begin with sweets. Sweet foods are made from dough, sweet honey and sugar watering. The leaders among them are:


The sweetness of sugar syrup appeared a couple of centuries ago. At that time, the Sultan’s court chefs were working on the birth of a new dessert with rose petals. This is how Turkish delight saw the light. Modern confectioners add various nuts and coconut flakes.

The cost of 1 kg of Turkish delight is 8-11 USD.

These deep-fried sweet balls are drizzled with honey or sugar syrup. They turn out very sweet.

The cost of a lokma is 6-8 USD.


Baklava is considered the most popular local sweet, which is made from thin sheets of puff pastry. Each dried leaf is carefully soaked in liquid honey syrup, generously sprinkled with various nuts. Baklava is sold on every corner, but the freshest one should be found in pastry shops, where it is sold by weight.

The cost of 1 kg is 16-19 USD.



Locals prefer to drink coffee exclusively finely ground. It is boiled in a cezve (turk), serving a fragrant liquid in small cups. After that, it is customary to drink a glass of cool water to wash off the aftertaste of bitterness.


Fragrant, tart tea for the local population is like a real mantra – they drink it very often. They only accept teas of their own production. For brewing a black drink, a special two-level teapot is used, consisting of two sections separated from each other. Tea leaves are laid in the upper part, and hot water is poured in the lower part.

The container is placed on the stove for up to half an hour. The finished hot liquid is poured into small tulip glasses. Interestingly, a Turk can drink at least 5 cups of an invigorating drink at a time.


A fermented milk drink is usually savored during lunch and evening meals. It is made from yogurt, gradually adding water and salt to it. Locals appreciate the drink with milk foam.


Turkish wines are made from the finest varieties of red, white and rosé grapes. Please note that only dry wine drinks and only quality brands such as Kayra, Sevilen Premium and Doluca are consumed in the country.

Locally produced vodka is made from anise. It has a grassy specific aftertaste and a high alcohol content – about 40 – 50%. Before use, it is customary to dilute it with water, after which the crayfish becomes milky. They drink it in small sips, eating spicy food.

When visiting a new country, be sure to try national dishes. This is the only way to get to know it from the inside and get to know the culture of the locals closer.